Webinar RFM Analysis: Interactive Classification of Clients and Articles


RFM_Analysis is an application for QlikView and QlikSense that allows you to analyse the business by classifying customers according to their last purchase date, their frequency of purchase and the monetary value of those purchases made during the same period. RFM_Analysis, also offers the possibility to analyse in the same way the items of our business.

What is RFM?

RFM is a type of standard analysis widely used in the world of direct and relational marketing. It is an indispensable tool to carry out more personalized loyalty actions, increasing the ratio of success of the campaigns.

Joining in RFM_Analysis the segmentation by customers and items enables support functions such as restructuring a distribution warehouse to make the best-selling products available to the best customers.

What does RFM_Analysis offer?

RFM_Analysis is an interactive application that allows you to navigate between data using QlikView/QlikSense: sort by country, by customers/items, by groups of customers/items and even classify within the same RFM group (for example, which are the worst of the best?).

It includes, besides the visualization by a bar graph of the different calculated RFM groups, a recency histogram that allows to analyse the distribution of clients/items according to the last date of purchase, a monthly evolution of the RFM group to which each client/item belongs, some box plot diagrams that help you to understand easily each RFM value group behaviour and the detail of the clients/items make up to each RFM group.