QVAnalytics is a dashboard created from information obtained from Google Analytics, to display and analyze easily and intuitively.


QVAnalytics is developed with QlikView, exploiting the power to analyze this and allowing cross data from different sources. CRM, ERP, etc, applying best practices and tricks that this great technology allows.


QVAnalytics is distributed across separate displays grouped by concepts: Web performance, conversions, etc., which share a single data model allowing transversal navigation, dragging the selections made on a screen to the other. Thus it is possible to measure that impact have mobiles visits our website, how many conversions have generated and what has been the amount of sales derived.

Web Performance

Dashboard easy and intuitive: Google Analytics allows you to analyze the performance of the web, but given your generalist profile, we cannot report on if we are good, evil or regular. Thanks to a traffic light environment, QVAnalytics allows you to measure the results with respect to the average of the indicator itself, as well as in regard to the objectives established by the client.


Graphical evolution: a graph of time evolution specifies for the selected metrics. This means that in a dynamic manner and by choice the user himself, we can visualize the trend of any of the indicators available through different time perspectives.


Top 5: top 5 through, referrals, cities and Pages.


Access devices: Weight of the different access devices (mobile, Tablet or desktop), and the operating systems used.




Temporary Triple vision: Google Analytics account conversions when just taking place, and this could mean several days after. With the vision of three parallel in different periods by measuring the same metric, the conversions that they are not counted in a short period of time (past 7 days), will eventually taking into account in larger spaces (past 30 days, last 365 days).


Evolution: shows the evolution of the different metric conversion.


Conversions by origin: As there have been conversions, from that device, medium, referred or campaign.


Paths to conversion: Shows the roads during the most successful navigation to finish converting, reaching up to three levels in the previous page that has led to the conversion.

Geo Marketing

GIS or Geographic Analysis: map of balls with interactive zoom, and color of the balls according to the comparison of selected metrics, with regard to their media in the selected time period.


Table with detail by continent, country, region and city: Vision signalized intersections of different geographical axis with respect to its media in the selected time period.

Reporting Ad-Hoc

Ad-Hoc Reporting: Creation of listed under demand. Select the dimensions and metrics that you want to list, and the application will generate the list automatically. Ability to export to Excel, PDF, csv, etc.